About Aunty Rose

Where did Aunty Rose Start?

Aunty Rose, was born in Kingston, Jamacia, and lived with her mother and siblings. Aunty Rose found her passion for cooking at a young age often finding inspiration form her mother, who would always be cooking and creating new dishes for her and her siblings

What was next for Aunty Rose?

Aunty Rose came to England in her teens bringing along her passion for cooking and making people feel good through food with her. She lived in London and studied at North West London College to become a full-time chef. She studied full time for two years and graduated with her qualifications.

At the time Aunty Rose was working in a restaurant in Stratford as a waitress, where she truly discovered her endless possibilities with food.


Aunty Rose went North!

Aunty Rose then moved north to Nottingham, where she found her home and carried on with her culinary career, where she continued to serve with a smile. Cooking and serving every meal she made with love, passion, and care.

Working with Levi Roots

In the next step of the Aunty Rose development, she began working with the Levi Roots company where she gains 2 years of invaluable experience in working with the finest ingredients. She used the inspiration of Levi Roots to help her find her true passion for creating homemade sauces.

Where’s Aunty Rose Now?

Aunty Rose has now gained the experience she needs to be able to offer her sauces to people beyond her home, throughout her life her mother’s words have always rung true “One day, you have to do something for yourself” her sauces is what she wants to contribute to the world.

Aunty Rose works with vulnerable people as a head chef within the care industry, she offers people less able a smile, a kind face, and great, nutritious food.

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